Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
@todo 0 @todo

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 39

org.apache.johnzon.core.JsonGeneratorImpl Line
check null handling 167
optimize 191
check null handling 215
org.apache.johnzon.core.JsonParserTest Line
read key and : in once 1946
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.DefaultMappingTest Line
bunch of asserts CHECKSTYLE:OFF 62
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.JohnzonBuilder Line
support PT in ObjectConverter (list) 319
support PT in ObjectConverter (list) 337
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.JsonbAccessMode Line
support lists, LocalDate? 531
support lists? 545
find a way to not parse twice 844
spec requirement, this sounds wrong since you cant customize 2 kind of serializations on the same model 943
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.JsonbAdapterExceptionsTest Line
Review: shouldn't this be wrapped in a JsonbException? 66
Review: shouldn't this be wrapped in a JsonbException? 76
Review potential symmetry issue: adaptFromJson() can return null, but adaptToJson() cannot 86
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.JsonbBeanGetterUserExceptionsTest Line
Review: shouldn't this be JsonbException? 29
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.JsonbSerializerExceptionsTest Line
Review: shouldn't this be a JsonbException? 51
Review: shouldn't this be wrapped in a JsonbException? 72
Review: shouldn't this be wrapped in a JsonbException? 82
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.OrderTest Line
not sure it is good to respect json and not mapping, we can challenge the spec on it 41
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.converter.JsonbDateConverter Line
cheap impl to avoid to rely on exceptions, better can be to parse format -> rewrite it 35
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.converter.JsonbValueConverter Line
? 23
org.apache.johnzon.jsonb.serializer.JohnzonSerializationContext Line
fix it 26
org.apache.johnzon.jsonschema.JsonSchemaValidatorFactory Line
dependencies, propertyNames, if/then/else, allOf/anyOf/oneOf/not, format validations 118
org.apache.johnzon.mapper.JsonpIntegrationTest Line
add JsonPointer when we'll support it 84
org.apache.johnzon.mapper.MapperAdapterExceptionsTest Line
not consistent with how getter user exceptions are handled 41
Review: to() can return null, but from() cannot 71
org.apache.johnzon.mapper.MapperConverterExceptionsTest Line
wrapped, but not wrapped with MapperException 38
Review: wrapped, but not wrapped with MapperException and no json is printed 48
Review 58
Review: fromString can return null, but toString cannot 79
org.apache.johnzon.mapper.Mappings Line
map 700
--No comment-- 936
org.apache.johnzon.mapper.access.BaseAccessMode Line
converter? 100
converter? 105
converter? 110
org.apache.johnzon.mapper.converter.DateConverter Line
see if we can clean it 29
org.apache.johnzon.mapper.number.Validator Line
ATTENTION: this is only an intermediate solution until JOHNZON-177 resp https://github.com/eclipse-ee4j/jsonb-api/issues/82 is properly specced 29
org.apache.johnzon.mapper.reflection.Converters Line
more ParameterizedType and maybe TypeClosure support 36
org.apache.johnzon.maven.plugin.ExampleToModelMojo Line
unicity of field name, better nested array/object handling 104