JIRA Report

Type Key Summary By Status Resolution Created
Bug JOHNZON-17 RFC4627AwareInputStreamReader - Make sure that we read all the bytes before throwing an exception Hendrik Saly Closed Fixed 2014-10-30
Bug JOHNZON-18 JsonStreamParserImpl not filling up buffer consistently Hendrik Saly Closed Fixed 2014-11-04
Bug JOHNZON-19 rework readCollection() generics   Closed Fixed 2014-11-04
Bug JOHNZON-20 support Map<String, Object>   Closed Fixed 2014-11-04
Improvement JOHNZON-15 Remove duplicated method on Johzon Mapper.   Closed Fixed 2014-10-07
Improvement JOHNZON-21 org.apache.johnzon.mapper.reflection.Mappings.Getter#Getter   Closed Fixed 2014-11-04
New Feature JOHNZON-22 support private/protected constructor in Mapper   Closed Fixed 2014-11-11
New Feature JOHNZON-23 support field access   Closed Fixed 2014-11-11
New Feature JOHNZON-24 add a ConfigurableJohnzonProvider to ease configuration of the jaxrs provider   Closed Fixed 2014-11-12